Just saying hello! Quick update

Wow .....busy busy busy! Sorry we haven't kept up with this recently, just wanted to take a moment and drop in and say hello. Production of the new album "Overture To Madness" is coming along with 8 of 13 tracks finished it won't be long til it's ready.

We had a blast attending and performing at the Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse in April! Hails and thanks to Odin and the crew! The whole festival was outstanding, a special thanks to Picture for Jamming out  "The King Is Losing His Crown" for Geoff, made his weekend ;).

Not content to wait for the album to come out we have already begun writing new songs so there's no stopping the creative flow.

Tshirts, posters, ballcaps, bandannas, necklaces, patches, earrings and stickers are all available now, and will hopefully be up on the site soon.

Much love to all you Axe fans, see you soon!

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