Main Overview

AXEMASTER has always been totally about the fans and have always said that metal fans are the best fans of anything in the world!!! So in that spirit, we are starting a new section on here to recognize, honor, and thank fans who have gone above and beyond to help the band in ways like: 

---Sharing our music and/or videos from YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, etc. all over social media 
---Getting the essential Axemaster links (mainly our website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel) out to the masses in a big way. Some of the band's main links are below 
---Once the band starts doing shows again, give extra help with transportation hauling equipment, help carrying gear, and maybe with our merch table 
---Any other unique & over and above way that fans help and show their support for Axemaster 
We greatly appreciate when fans do ANYTHING to help and support the band, and are really thankful that SO MANY fans out there have done smaller things to spread the word. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to recognize everyone who have done smaller things, we would never be able hit every single person. So we are focusing on those who we feel have really gone over and above to help. If you feel that you have done this, please contact us at..... 
Band Website - 
Band Facebook - 
Joe Sims' Facebook (messenger) - 
....and let us know how you have helped get Axemaster's name and material around. We will officially thank, and include a picture of each person we pick both here and on our social media.