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Originally from the album "Blessing in the Skies" (1986 Azra International Records)


You’re a slave
From the castle, in the misty covered night
He will find you, and take you into his fright
In the dungeon, he orders your demise
Watch your life, flash before your eyes
You're just a slave to the blade
You’re a slave
You sit and you watch the torture
From your bleeding eyes so black
When will you ever discover
The ill-need for your attack
You destroyed some lives, you bring on the pain
You like to play the Master, what had you to gain
Slave to the blade
You’re a slave
Take him to the chamber, he betrayed the Master
No please, please no
Off with his head
Slave to the blade again
Slave, just a slave, you’re a slave
Slave to the blade
Slave to the blade again