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"Crawling Chaos" - CD

Pure Steel Records - $15

Most current AXEMASTER, released in Nov. of, 2017. See complete album information in the "News & Notes" section

"Blessing in the Skies (and other cuts from the chamber)"

Pure Steel Records - $25.00

collectable vinyl 2 record re-release of 19 Axemaster tracks from the 80's-90's (including the entire "Blessing in the Skies" album, the entire "5 Demons" EP, and several other assorted songs). All material has been re-mastered and now sounds far superior than ever before

"Overture To Madness" - CD

Pure Steel Records - $15.00

Released in 2015, AXEMASTER's first release of new material after becoming an active band once again

"Blessing In The Skies" - CD - (OOP)

Burning Star Records (OOP) - $15.00 

Digi-pack re-release of the original vinyl album (from 1987) which includes all the songs from that album, as well as bonus tracks, extensive booklet, and a video of the song "Slave to the Blade" from 1986

"1985 - 1995" - CD - (OOP)

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Unisound Records release (OOP) - $10.00

Re-release of selected songs from "Blessing in the Skies" and "5 Demons", also includes material by the band The Awakening

Axemaster "Crawling Chaos" T shirt - S-XL

Shirt featuring the cover artwork of the "Crawling Chaos" album - $15

Axemaster Executioner T Shirt

Axemaster presents Giovanni The Executioner in all his Glory! - $15.00

Green Logo Tshirt

Axemaster Logo Tshirt in Green - $10.00

Limited Edition 2014 Ragnarokkr Tshirt

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Axemaster Limited Edition 2014 Ragnarokkr Festival Tshirt (OOP) - $20.00

 Leaping Executioner on Front, Back reads "The Axe Is Back Chicago 2014" Will Never be printed again!

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