New Axemaster album update #1..... 
Joe Sims here! During all the downtime most people have faced (especially musicians!!!) due to the Covid 19 pandemic, I was dedicating all my time and energy to writing, arranging, and recording new demos of potential songs for a new album. Now, I'm finally finished!!!! I've gotten together all the music for 12 songs and a cool intro that I think have the potential to make up one totally kick ass album! 

Former Axemaster drummer (who played on "Crawling Chaos"), Denny Archer, is going to be doing drums for the album. He's been working on the first 4 tunes, him and I are gonna start working on everything together very soon and hopefully start recording soon after. That will be the start of a long road of mega work for me since, other than recording the drums using Denny's gear at his place, I will be doing all the recording, editing, mixing, and mastering at my studio: Chamber Studio.  

One extra reason that I'm really psyched to get going on the next phases of producing our new album is that Chamber Studio is in the process of getting a major facelift. Thanks to our singer Geoff McGraw, I'll now be working with a new interface and a beast of a computer which are MAJOR upgrades over what I used when I totally produced "Overture to Madness" and recorded/edited most of the tracks for "Crawling Chaos", and Denny now has totally professional recording gear so I'll be getting great sounding drum tracks (which surely wasn't the case for "Overture"). So this is gonna be fun!!!!!!

Temporary names for all the new demos

Temporary names for all the new demos

JOE SIMS on Facebook Live on Sat., April 4th at 8PM EST 

During this time where almost everything is shut down in response to covid-19, and people are either urged or required to stay at home, there's practically nothing interesting and entertaining to do outside the house, and obviously no live metal shows. With that in mind, and since Axemaster won't be getting together to rehearse till things simmer down, Joe Sims is gonna get on Facebook Live and jam to Axe tunes from "Crawling Chaos"…

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New AXEMASTER downloads 

AXEMASTER would like to announce that as part of the band's partly rebuilt website, a total of 42 of the band's songs have been made available for download at $0.99 per track (see the "EAR CANDY" section here). Included are songs from 5 different original Axemaster releases going all the way back to the band's first demo in 1985 (as well as a couple songs that were originally unreleased). All the tracks can be previewed in full, so there is a whole lot to listen to! There are also 2 songs from Axemaster's…

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AXEMASTER honored with music award 

AXEMASTER has just received a "Music Award of Excellence" from THE AKADEMIA for the song "10,000 Pound Hammer" from their current album "Crawling Chaos". The Akademia award recognition program is a formal A&R review process in which every music submission is heard, discussed, debated, and rated by their executive team which is comprised of artists, producers, and record executives. Some of the specific comments concerning their evaluation are:
--"The song craft furnished here is superb and substantive"

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AXEMASTER signs with management 

AXEMASTER is very proud to announce that the band has signed with Smoke N Phire Productions for complete management services. Smoke N Phire is a young company that has quickly risen in both scope and stature to where they have become a force in the music business. Axemaster joins a great roster of artists the company works with that includes bands such as Stonebreed and Faceless Orphans. For more information see: &

Mary Feller, head…

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"Crawling Chaos" has been released! 

The new AXEMASTER album "Crawling Chaos" on Pure Steel Records (Germany) has been released and is now available worldwide. For those who have not seen album information, "Crawling Chaos" features 10 tracks of a combination of traditional/thrash/doom metal with major label sound that shows the band's evolution by retaining a portion of the thrash feel of "Overture to Madness", while having an overall sound that pays respect to their traditional metal roots from the late 80's and early 90's. Early rave…

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New Axemaster album "CRAWLING CHAOS" release date 

Pure Steel Records has issued an official release date for the new AXEMASTER album "Crawling Chaos". The CD will officially be available through the label on NOVEMBER 24th. Those of you in the US will be able to easily remember the date as this year, the 24th is black friday!

"Crawling Chaos" combines major label quality sound, killer artwork & graphics, and material that early reviews describe as some of the best Axemaster ever. While retaining a portion of the thrash feel of "Overture to Madness", the new…

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Geoff & Joe guest appearances on new NOIRAD album 

AXEMASTER vocalist Geoff McGraw and lead guitarist Joe Sims recently recorded tracks for the NOIRAD "Penny Dreadflus" album as guest appearances. The album has just been released and is now available as a physical CD and digital album at

NOIRAD is a solo project by our good friend, bassist Dario Nuzzolo. We thank him for giving Geoff and Joe the opportunity to make appearences on such a unique and kick ass album!!!!!


Pure Steel Records has set September 22nd as the date that people can pre-order AXEMASTER's double-album "Blessing in the Skies (and other cuts from the Chamber)" by going to their webstore and signing up (link below). Please see the following link for Pure Steel's entire news article:
Pre-ordering is more important for this release than normal…

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Re-release on vinyl release date and info 

While we still await the official release date for the new Axemaster CD "Crawling Chaos", we are excited to be able to share that Pure Steel Records has issued an official release date for the re-release of old Axemaster material on vinyl which will be titled "Blessing in the Skies (and other cuts from the chamber)". The record is scheduled to be out on October 6th as a collectable; a very limited number are being pressed. It will be a 2 record set including the entire "Blessing in the Skies" album, the…

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Both albums moving forward! 

Pure Steel Records' work on the graphics/packaging of both upcoming AXEMASTER albums, the final step prior to the physical records/CDs being printed, is moving forward toward completion. The album scheduled to be released first is the re-release of a collection of old Axemaster material on vinyl which will be put out as a collectable package (only 200 will initially be pressed). The label had all the songs under consideration for the record (a majority of the band's old material) professionally mastered…

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