JOE SIMS on Facebook Live on Sat., April 4th at 8PM EST

During this time where almost everything is shut down in response to covid-19, and people are either urged or required to stay at home, there's practically nothing interesting and entertaining to do outside the house, and obviously no live metal shows. With that in mind, and since Axemaster won't be getting together to rehearse till things simmer down, Joe Sims is gonna get on Facebook Live and jam to Axe tunes from "Crawling Chaos" and "Overture to Madness". Not exactly a traditional "live show", but we hope this will be a good substitute, and fellow guitarists who may be interested can see how a bunch of the riffs are played. It will be broadcast on the Axemaster page at the link above  Saturday (April 4th) at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

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