1986 - "Slave To The Blade" - (Independent 5 song cassette)


1987 - "Blessing In The Skies" - (Full length album and cassette released by Azra International Records)


1988 - "The Vision" - (Shaped Picture Disc single released by Azra International Records)



1988"Crusades" (version 1) - (Shaped picture disc single released by Azra International Records)


1988"Crusades" (version 2) - (Shaped picture disc single released by Azra International Records)



1989"Death Before Dishonor" - (European cassette only release by S.A. Bucher Management {France} & Skullthrasher Promotions {Belgium})



1991 - "5 Demons (Imperative Is Their Demise)" - (Independent 5 song EP cassette)



1998"1985 - 1995"  (Re-release on CD of selected older Axemaster material. Also includes 4 tracks from the band The Awakening. Released by Unisound Records {Greece})


2002"Death Before Dishonor" - (Re-release on CD of the original cassette with several bonus tracks, one of which previously unreleased. Released by Unisound Records {Greece})

2007"Blessing In The Skies" - (Re-release on CD of the original album. Also includes bonus tracks (one of which previously unreleased), and a video of the song "Slave to the Blade", Released by Burning Star Records {Greece})



2015 - "Overture To Madness" (All new Axemaster material. Released by Pure Steel Records {Germany})



2017 - "Blessing in the Skies (and other cuts from the Chamber)" (Vinyl double-album re-release of the band's material from the 80's and 90's re-mastered. Released by Pure Steel Records {Germany}) 


2017 - "Crawling Chaos" (all new Axemaster material. Released by Pure Steel Records (Germany)

Also included on 


  "Metalgon" - (Compilation shaped picture disc released by Azra International Records)



"Killer Nerd" - (Axemaster Appears On The Movie Soundtrack. Produced by Riot Productions)


 "The Polishing of Metal" - (Heavy metal documentary on multimedia CD-Rom. Released by the Rock Record Collectors Society {Canada})



"Defenders of the Faith" (European-only heavy metal video compilation DVD. Released by Kastle Killers)


"Metal Maniac" - (Axemaster appears on the movie soundtrack)


"Metallic Commandments" - (Compilation released by "That's Metal Magazine" {Germany})


"Distant Thunder" - (Compilation released by Underground Express)


"Decapitated Vol. II" - (Compilation released by Decapitated Records {Greece})


Other Compilations

"Speed N Thrash"  (France) - "Bloodzit" (Canada)

*Above releases are from the USA unless otherwise stated

Other AXEMASTER Shaped Picture Discs from Azra Records


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