Axemaster Free Music Download Event!

Alright Axefans Here is you're opportunity to earn some cool Axemaster downloads!

You can do it one of two ways!

Please read all of the instructions and follow them carefully to obtain all of the mp3 tracks available.

Option #1 - Share our Facebook AND Website AND Youtube AND Twitter someplace with high visibilty, then send us an email with the 5 links for where you shared them. You'll get one song for each of the 1st four unique pages you share on, and a surprise track for the 5th unique page you share on. Keep in mind the pages you share on cannot be just facebook, or just myspace, or just your favorite music forum (eg: sharing on 5 friends facebook pages does not fulfill the requirement, facebook only counts as one). All participants may count common sites as unique shares, and you may list all the Axemaster links in a single post.

Postings must be made between 02/07/14 and 03/07/14.

Remember you need to share all the addresses on your post, which you can copy and paste from below, and send us one and only one email with links to where you shared the Axemaster awesomeness.


Option #2 - This one requires a little more typing but might be easier in some respects. Go to our profile (you may already be there) See that section on the right hand side that says how many friends also like Axemaster.....Click "see all" And it will pull up your friends list, then start clicking invite. Then send us one and only one email with a list of those who accepted your invite (you'll recieve a facebook notification each time someone does).

For the 1st four friends you have invited that accepts between 02/07/14 - 03/07/14 you'll get one track with like number 5 getting you the surprise track.

Feel free to invite your entire list of friends if you After all the more you invite the faster you'll get your 5 accepts. And then your friends can participate too!


links for you to copy and paste:


This event will run between 02/07/14 and 03/07/14. Downloads will be awarded as quickly as possible based on the volume of responses. Send only one email with all information needed. Multiple emails will result in repeats of the same downloads, the only way to get all 5 downloads is to complete the goals and notifiy us in a single email.

There is no purchase necessary to participate, just follow the rules outlined above. Good luck, best wishes and metal horns high!

Send qualifying emails to

Track Listing:

#1 - Phantom Armies

#2 - Slave To The Blade

#3 - Blood Of The Temple

#4 - Bed Of Nails (with Geoff on vocals not currently available on any Axemaster release)

#5 - Surprise track

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