Attention Attention AXE FANS!

Hey Axe fans,

It's time for a cool announcement! Axemaster is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Flying V Leather Accessories! 

Makers of extremely fine Leather accessories for your guitar or bass, especially the simple and brilliant flying V leg rest!

Our own Geoff McGraw uses the leg rest and can't stop talking about it. We usually hear him say..... "seriously guys this thing is freaking try it!" ...or  "dude this rules" (yeah... we know, he actually says dude! What do you expect, he wears a tye dye ballcap)

And if you don't need the guitar accessories, Mat also handcrafts leather bracelets, cuffs, and bracers. Belts, bags, drumstick bags and carries effect pedals, and lots of other very impressive stuff!

Long story short you should make a point of contacting Matt at Flying V Leather Accessories, he's a great guy who really values his customers and strives to make every one of them satisfied!

Ok gotta Go, we're jamming out tunes from the new album preparing stage arrangements for all of you, and btw the mixing of the album goes very well....IT'S GONNA CRUSH YOU!

Did we mention CRUSHING!

Oh You can checkout our artist page on Flying V Leather Accessories here:

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