AXEMASTER signs management deal

AXEMASTER is proud to announce that they have signed a deal with Ayers Entertainment from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA for management and representation. The band is confident that this will be a very positive step forward toward attaining further success in the future. Ayers Entertainment's official company statement on the signing is as follows: "Ayers Entertainment is known worldwide for representation, management, booking, marketing, PR, security, and A&R, representing A-List artists, bands, authors, illustrators, and those in Film and TV. Founder Ms. Ayers is well known for acting as an executive producer, producing music, film, & TV, and so forth. Ayers Entertainment proudly introduces the Pure Steel Records' recording artist Axemaster to their roster for management, booking, marketing, PR, and security.

For interviews/bookings, placement in film/tv, and so forth, please contact their management at (702) 473-0078,, PO Box 36163., Las Vegas, Nevada 859133. Iris and her staff will be happy to work with you."

Joe Sims stated: "this is a very good step for us because, no matter how much business experience the members of a band may have, many music industry professionals are either very reluctant to, or completely refuse to discuss official business with band members, they want to talk exclusively with the band's official representation. So an experienced pro like Iris Ayers should be able to push us forward in ways that we're not able to do ourselves, as well as to help us reach a lot more people/places in the business".

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