AXEMASTER honored with music award

AXEMASTER has just received a "Music Award of Excellence" from THE AKADEMIA for the song "10,000 Pound Hammer" from their current album "Crawling Chaos". The Akademia award recognition program is a formal A&R review process in which every music submission is heard, discussed, debated, and rated by their executive team which is comprised of artists, producers, and record executives. Some of the specific comments concerning their evaluation are:
--"The song craft furnished here is superb and substantive"
--"The commercial potential of this work is excellent, making is highly accessible to mainstream audiences"
--"The vocal quality is excellent and enhances the overall listening experience"

Their official quote concerning the song overall is: "This patiently rendered metal monster imposes a new standard on the downtempo domain of the genre; '10,000 Pound Hammer' exemplifies the conscientiously articulated requirements of the style".

The band is extremely proud for having been so recognized by an organization such as this; you can see the page declaring Axemaster's award at -


For anyone who would be interested in sampling clips of all the songs from AXEMASTER's albums "Crawling Chaos", "Overture to Madness", and "Blessing in the Skies" (as well as a couple other Axemaster songs that are currently on I-Tunes), they are all on Music Aficionado at the link below. It's a great opportunity to be able to sample all the tracks in advance if anyone is thinking of buying any of the albums and/or are just interested in hearing more Axemaster material (possibly prior to seeing the band live)!/search?queryString=Axemaster&section=recommendations&category=all

--The clips of songs from "Blessing" and the other older songs on that page are NOT the mastered versions from Pure Steel Records' recent vinyl re-release

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