1. Snake Charmer

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Originally released in 1985 on Axemaster's first demo "Slave to the Blade"


In the mystic times, they knew the power of music
Harness the energy, they knew how to use it
It still prevails, we will never lose it
The power of control, you can't refuse it
See him kneel, with pipe in hand
And play a tune, that commands
If he wants, he can harm ya
That's because he's a snake charmer
He's a snake charmer (repeat)
All he wants is you, all I say is true
All he wants is you, all I say is true
All I want is you
In they ancient times, they always worshiped them
Play the music, watch them rise again
Hypnotic control, was not new to them
You can't fight, the power I give to them
He's a snake charmer (repeat)