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  1. Full Moon at Dawn
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Originally from the EP "5 Demons (Imperative is their Demise)" (1991 Independently released)


The full moon at dawn, I have to get away
From the pain, and misery
Oh no, the time that I've wasted
It's bringing me down, it's bringing me down
When your life is gone
There's a full moon at dawn
No one to turn to, no place to go
Feeling you've lost, all control
A total eclipse, is there light to be found
In a world where darkness abounds
I look in the mirror, is it really me
Inner darkness, no substance to be seen
In the game of life, you're just a pawn
When there's a full moon at dawn
When you're down, oh so far
No stars, shine in your sky
Lift up your voice, to the heavens and cry
To the heavens, to the heavens and cry
Oh, all is never gone
There's a reason to go on
Survival, is only for the strong
When there's a full moon at dawn