1. Phantom Armies
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Originally from the EP "5 Demons (Imperative is their Demise)" (1991 Independently released)


Like a nightmare, from the dark side
Blind warriors, knowing only to kill and to die
Ghouls, of destruction
Now bent on violent seduction
Specters of death, piercing the night
Phantom armies
Always in the grip of the night
How can we, harbor such evil
The death and torment
You pretend is unreal
They are upon us, is it too late
The armies of phantoms
Are the armies of today
Not fantasy, it's not a dream
Reality, that goes unseen
Dark spirits rise, the phantom cries
For genocide, armies comply
(Phantom armies)
Lay to waste human race
(Phantom armies)
Riding the storm, riding alone
(Phantom armies)
Scatter the flesh, oh yeah