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Originally from the EP "5 Demons (Imperative is their Demise)" (1991 Independently released)


We are told, there is a cause
Follow your leaders, obey their laws
But your devotion, is used to destroy
Your life's expendable, its establishment's toy
Must destroy
Lives are lived to portray the grand illusion
Show no defiance, create no confusion
And we are told that things are as they should be
But it's a lie to hide, their hypocrisy
It's (false, false) consciousness
Exploitation of us all, masses break, masses fall
All the dreams been crushed to dust, there's no one, no where, nothing
Morality so self possessed, freedom given to oppress
Ruling with an iron fist, corrupt, insane, obsession
You have the key, to unlock the door
Let me hear you scream, that we are slaves no more
You may be the kings, you may be the lords
You may have the power, but we have the sword
We must stand as one, and overthrow the throne
Stand up and fight, till our souls are our own
We will crush the oppressors, end their reign of lies
The sword of the masses is drawn, the evil will die