The band welcomes DENNY ARCHER as the new drummer of AXEMASTER!!!!!!

Happy Fathers Day!

wanted to take a moment and drop in and say hello

Ragnarokkr 2014 was a lot of fun!

Irish or not have a good one!

A little excitement here in the Axemaster camp because our new posters and stickers arrived today!

Sneak peak of NEW Axemaster song "Sanitys Requiem"

Joe Sims of Axemaster appears on "Reign - Now And Forever"

We have gotten a lot of requests for some time now asking when we would have new band merch available.

Limited Edition Tshirts For Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse Festival

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"Overture" Is Available Directly From Axemaster!

You can buy "Overture" and other Axe & Axe related releases, merch, and collectables directly from us! JUST DROP BY THE WEBSTORE!!!!!

A sample of "Madness".....

To hear lengthy clips of all the songs from "Overture to Madness" and get a free download of the song "Sanitys Requiem", please see........

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