AXEMASTER unfortunately announces that, due to separate life situations, lead guitarist Damin Bennett and bassist Jim Curtis are no longer with the band. Both parted ways with the remaining band members as good friends and will always remain as important members of the extended Axemaster family. Jim and Damin's contributions to the band have been extremely valuable and will always be remembered; both will definitely be missed, but Axemaster will continue to move forward!

In moving forward, the band is glad to report that they have recently added a new lead guitarist named Shannon Rivera. Originally hailing from Tuscon Arizona, Shannon relocated to the Cleveland Ohio area in 2001 and has since played lead for the bands Drenalin, Blackjack Symphony, and Sociopath. His influences include Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, DIO, Alice in Chains and Black Sabbath, and he's shared the stage with the likes of Metal Church, Kings-X, Y&T, Doro Pesche, Michael Schenker, and Jake E. Lee's Red Dragon Cartel. Shannon also has written quite a lot of excellent material/riffs, so he will be extremely active in and an integral part of writing the next Axemaster album.

Shannon is a very experienced and talented player, and the band is very happy to have been able to add him to both the Axemaster lineup and family!!!!!!

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