As some of you may have seen on social media recently, AXEMASTER now has an almost entirely new lineup; we are now taking this opportunity to officially announce and introduce the new band. Remaining from the lineup that recorded "Crawling Chaos" is vocalist Geoff McGraw and guitarist Joe Sims; joining them in this new version of Axemaster is guitarist Edwin Ortiz, drummer Jason "Coz" Causley, and bassist Chris Longstreet.

Edwin is the band's newest edition. He is a guitarist extraordinaire originally from Puerto Rico who has been influenced by some of the greatest shredders around, including Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Alex Skolnick, and James Murphy; his ability and style definitely reflect those influences. Edwin is also a skilled producer who has his own personal studio. This, along with Joe Sims and his studio, gives the band extra options when recording a new album.

Jason is a very aggressive and energetic drummer whose intense style is just what Axemaster needed; his playing fits with the material perfectly, to the point of actually improving some of the tunes. His influences include Tim Alexander, Dave Lombardo, Neil Peart, Gene Holgan, Matt Cameron, John Bonham, and Bill Ward. As side note, Jason studied music at a local college while attending tech school where he earned a degree in multimedia.

Chris is the most recent addition to the band. He comes from a musical family where both his Grand Father and Uncle played Jazz and Blues; but Chris' true loves are METAL and Rock in all forms and he's most at home with the electric bass driving rhythm like his heroes Steve Harris, Cliff Burton, Flea and Uncle Phil. But with that being said, many of his inspirations come from several other musical genres as well, especially Jazz and Blues, ultimately having his brain melted by the like of Victor Wooten, Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen, Jaco, Scott Lafaro, Stanley Clark and Marcus Miller. 

Also, new material for a new album is being written and is on the horizon, be looking for future updates!!!!!!!!

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