Secrets Untold



Originally from the album "5 Demons", currently on the vinyl re-release "Blessing in the Skies (and other cuts from the chamber)" as well as various other re-releases


As you walk down your path unknown
Bearing your cross, your seed is sewn
Reality you keep, deep in your mind
Darkens your world, you're forever blind
Self crucified, but don't realize
That society's promises are just a disguise
The secrets are untold

Secrets that no one must know,
Lurk inside, ever tormenting your soul
They rain down like a nightmare, down, forever more
Secrets of what you think that you should be
Haunts your every move, truth is a mystery
You play your role of darkened innocence
The game of enlightened ignorance, you're a fool

Secrets untold, my life is growing cold
Secrets untold, down, down I go

(Self betrayal, will take its toll, fear of truth, will take control)
(Madness strikes, you've lost your hold, hand of doom, to you unfolds)

Why am I persecuted? I've done all they told me to do
Promises, turned to demons, for this to myself I'm untrue
Conformity, the sacred blessing, the concepts we're taught to revere
Secrets self crucification, my soul's entombed in a chamber of fear

No, I can't be free, the truth haunts me inside
No, I can't break free, till I break away, from betrayal and lies

Secrets untold, my life is growing cold
Secrets untold, down, down I go

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