Tracks from "Blessing in the Skies (and other cuts from the chamber)"


Released 10/06/2017
Pure Steel Records
Released 10/06/2017
Pure Steel Records
Remastered re-releases of Axemaster material from 1985-1991. Songs here were originally released as part of the albums "Blessing in the Skies" and "5 Demons"
  • 04:30 Story Lyrics Slave to the Blade

    You’re a slave
    From the castle, in the misty covered night
    He will find you, and take you into his fright
    In the dungeon, he orders your demise
    Watch your life, flash before your eyes

    You're just a slave to the blade

    You’re a slave
    You sit and you watch the torture
    From your bleeding eyes so black
    When will you ever discover, the ill-need for your attack
    You destroyed some lives, you bring on the pain
    You like to play the Master, what had you to gain

    Slave to the blade

    You’re a slave
    Take him to the chamber, he betrayed the Master
    No please, please no, off with his head
    Slave to the blade again

    Slave, just a slave, you’re a slave
    Slave to the blade
    Slave to the blade again

  • 05:45 Story Lyrics Blood of the Temple

    Long ago, in a fool's paradise
    They lived not by the word, then they gave sacrifice
    Their idol worship, desecrated the law
    Thus they were delivered, into the vulture's claw

    They were given all the signs, but still ignored their obvious crime
    They rejected the Father and the Son, so the chosen ones

    We are all the blood (of the temple), where evil abides
    The blood (of the temple), where death is sanctified

    They were given the prophets, but heeded not their word
    Time and again they were smitten, the price their evil incurred
    They would pray for deliverance, citing tablets of stone
    Because the blood quenched not their thirst, reaping what they had sewn

    We look at them in their ignorance, and we scoff at their ways
    But look all around you, and you'll see that today

    We are all the blood (of the temple), no where left for you to hide
    The blood (of the temple), the droplets ooze from your arrogant pride

    For the indignation of the Lord is upon all nations
    And his fury upon all their armies
    He hath utterly destroyed them, he hath delivered them to the slaughter
    Their slain also shall be cast out
    And the stink shall come up upon their carcasses
    And the mountains shall be melted with their blood
    For low my sword is bathed in heaven
    Behold it comes down upon Idume'a, and upon the people of my curse to judgment, the sword of the lord is filled with blood

    We are all the blood (of the temple), no where left for you to hide
    We're the blood, shed the blood

  • 04:47 Story Lyrics The Prophecy/Golgotha

    And so the Master looked down and wept
    Are these not my people? What vile creature dominates their souls?
    Must I use the power to make them see the light?
    Such a very dark hour has fallen over the land
    And such a very dark force has fallen over my people
    I will come again, and I will seek out this creature of evil
    He came in peace, he came in love, he brought the word from above
    He gave you truth, he set you free, some thought tyranny
    They did not understand, the power of the man
    They did not comprehend, they only wanted to see the end

    So they decided, (to take him there)
    Bearing the cross, (he's unaware)
    Why is life (so unfair)
    No one cares on

    (Golgotha) They want sacrifice
    (Golgotha) Nothing else will suffice
    (Golgotha) It's not their only vice
    (Golgotha) Hearts as cold as ice

    They stood and watched his life pass by, they did not blink an eye
    They did not raise a hand, as the darkness covered the land
    They did not realize, their blessing in the skies
    They did it out of hate and greed, but now they must concede

    Cause they will soon (realize)
    Death is life (from the skies)
    Right before (their very eyes)
    He will rise!

    (Golgotha) They want sacrifice
    (Golgotha) Nothing else will suffice
    (Golgotha) It's not their only vice
    (Golgotha) Hearts as cold as ice


  • 05:24 Story Lyrics Naked Eye

    Sit back my friends, and clear the cobwebs from your mind
    Look inside, and you will find, there may still be time to try

    Every day I'm not surprised, what I have found
    Everywhere, everything I see, has fallen to the ground
    Life here, filled with lies, the world's filth to be scrutinized
    Where it comes, and where it goes, I won't ever know

    Life abounds where death surrounds
    Under the naked eye, eye
    The naked eye, under the naked eye

    Die a little, die day by day, humanity raped so many ways
    Green replaced by black, sanity ripped from your back
    The air of filth with the stench of war, I won't be silent, anymore
    Your filthy air burns my eyes, I won't swallow your lies

    Life abounds where death surrounds
    Under the naked eye, eye
    Under the naked eye

    Green replaced by black, World falls through the cracks
    Eyes turn to ashen gray, humanity raped so many ways

    Life abounds where death surrounds
    Under the naked eye, eye
    Under the naked eye

  • 06:16 Story Lyrics Black Dungeons

    There's a chill in the air, wolves howl in the night
    No one to hear your screams, just your whispers
    Like a fool you enter their domain, you will please their appetite
    Your blood runs cold, you've lost your hold, You are now a slave to fright

    Gotta get away, to again see the light of day
    Because you are the prey, the spirit that they hunger to slay

    Black Dungeons, your life is held by the castle walls
    Black Dungeons, terror reigns in the bloodied halls

    The unholy stalk, the shadows of life's decay
    The darkness that lives in the eyes, of the tormented
    Black powers, life's dungeons, Are all around
    Our demise self realized, society's burial ground

    Pendulum descends on you, caress of the blade your time is through
    Society's cauldron survivors are few, shackles hold us in the face of doom

    Black dungeons, your life is held by the castle walls
    Black dungeons, terror reigns in the bloodied halls
    Black dungeons, death stands at every door
    Black dungeons, Will the screaming last forever more

  • 04:53 Story Lyrics False Consciousness

    We are told, there is a cause, follow your leaders, obey their laws
    But your devotion, is used to destroy
    Your life's expendable, its establishment's toy
    Must destroy

    Lives are lived to portray the grand illusion
    Show no defiance, create no confusion
    And we are told that things are as they should be
    But it's a lie to hide, their hypocrisy

    It's (false, false) consciousness

    Exploitation of us all, masses break, masses fall
    All the dreams been crushed to dust, there's no one, no where, nothing
    Morality so self possessed, freedom given to oppress
    Ruling with an iron fist, corrupt, insane, obsession
    You have the key, to unlock the door
    Let me hear you scream, that we are slaves no more

    You may be the kings, you may be the lords
    You may have the power, but we have the sword
    We must stand as one, and overthrow the throne
    Stand up and fight, till our souls are our own

    We will crush the oppressors, end their reign of lies
    The sword of the masses is drawn, the evil will die

  • 05:25 Story Lyrics Secrets Untold

    As you walk down your path unknown
    Bearing your cross, your seed is sewn
    Reality you keep, deep in your mind
    Darkens your world, you're forever blind
    Self crucified, but don't realize
    That society's promises are just a disguise
    The secrets are untold

    Secrets that no one must know,
    Lurk inside, ever tormenting your soul
    They rain down like a nightmare, down, forever more
    Secrets of what you think that you should be
    Haunts your every move, truth is a mystery
    You play your role of darkened innocence
    The game of enlightened ignorance, you're a fool

    Secrets untold, my life is growing cold
    Secrets untold, down, down I go

    (Self betrayal, will take its toll, fear of truth, will take control)
    (Madness strikes, you've lost your hold, hand of doom, to you unfolds)

    Why am I persecuted? I've done all they told me to do
    Promises, turned to demons, for this to myself I'm untrue
    Conformity, the sacred blessing, the concepts we're taught to revere
    Secrets self crucification, my soul's entombed in a chamber of fear

    No, I can't be free, the truth haunts me inside
    No, I can't break free, till I break away, from betrayal and lies

    Secrets untold, my life is growing cold
    Secrets untold, down, down I go

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